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Basil’s input to the Winning Business Skills Course motivated the delegates to sit up and carefully examine how they were communicating with their potential clients

Bob Bilbrough, Course Director

Thank you once again for a presentation that both confirmed the things that I do correctly and gave me ideas on how to improve. I have already been “singing your praises” to our Regional Manager

Gill Danvers, senior Premier Manager, HSBC Bank PLC

A selection of training modules

Training is available across the whole marketing, sales and business development process. The training is usually bespoke to the specific needs of the clients business and their key individuals. Training can be on a one to one basis, small or large groups. The format can be either a workshop or seminar format and could include role play, breakout assignments and team building activities.

Additional modules

Some of the modules that may be of interest are:


An overview of the seven stage process

  • Stage 1: Selecting the clients you want to work for
  • Stage 2: Identifying the needs of the target clients
  • Stage 3: Shaping your service to suit the needs of the target clients
  • Stage 4: Communicating your availability and capability to the target clients
  • Stage 5: Proposals, tenders and pitch (overview, management or undertaking elements)
  • Stage 6: Delivering added value and obtaining repeat business
  • Stage 7: Building credibility (raising profile, case studies, PR)

How to harness Client Relationship Management (CRM). The process not the software

  • How to put in place client relationship management
  • Targeting clients
  • Making contact and developing an ongoing relationship
  • Develop strategies for retaining potential client interest
  • Maximise internal resources and reduce wasted effort
  • The fundamentals of networking
  • Following up opportunities
  • Internal cross selling, client teams and client capture plans

Building and maintaining a productive pipeline

  • Understanding leads, enquiries and their conversion to jobs
  • Probabilities of success
  • Being selective
  • Keeping tabs on the progress of leads and enquiries
  • Internal monitoring and review meetings
  • Maximising marketing information

Pitching, proposals and bids

  • How to sell high value services
  • 3C+R (capability, credibility, compatibility and reliability)
  • Critical success factors in bid and pitch management
  • Compelling proposals
  • Delivering successful presentations at tender interview
  • Negotiation techniques

Additional modules cover networking, the power of language, internal cross selling, client retention and protection, and developing and implementing a strategic marketing & business development plan.

Bespoke modules, including key elements of the above modules, can be developed to suit individual needs and available time frame.

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I enjoyed your seminar very much. It was like you “Switched a light on” for me.

Derek Wilson, Architect

Basil’s delivery was direct and confident, and his diagrams and approach to analysis of client engagement was easy to understand. Best of all, it was easy to visualise using the tools and techniques into my business.

Jillian Mitchell, Managing Director, Project Logistics

Very interesting, enjoyable and helpful.

Joanna Asha Demkow, Managing Director, Just Swiss Ltd