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A big thank you for all your efforts on our behalf and particularly for remaining available into the early hours last night

Tony Shaw, Managing Director, Speller Metcalfe Malvern Ltd

Assisting with the pitch and bid management

We are able to help our clients maximise any opportunity they have to make a pitch to a potential or existing client. Our input can vary from managing the whole process to being responsible for certain elements or helping to review and prepare the content and delivery. 

In a similar way we are also able to manage the bid process. Alternatively we are able to contribute to, or review elements of it.

We are able to advise on:

  • Reviewing the brief and maintaining a dialogue with the client during the pitch or bid preparation
  • Establishing the key and secondary issues
  • Making sure all the issues raised by the client are dealt with
  • Pitch and bid formats to bring out compliance with the brief and establishing added value and differentiation
  • Project managing the whole process and team contributions
  • Preparing content for the submissions and team participation within presentations
  • Rehearsals and addressing potential questions
  • Post presentation and bid dialogue with the client
  • Negotiation
  • Review and feedback (internal and from the client and their advisors)

Delivering compelling presentations and bids

The aim of the pitch or bid is to develop the relationship which will in turn secure additional profitable work. There will be a need to:

  • Deliver compelling presentations and bids
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Demonstrate team work and compatibility with the clients team and culture
  • Leave the client in no doubt that you fully understand, and can deliver,  his needs
  • Be clear and concise on what is being offered and what action needs to be taken

By being focused and determined with each and every pitch and bid the probability of success will increase. We are also able to advise on putting in place a review mechanism which evaluates opportunities, as they arise, so that those that are most likely to succeed are pursued and the least likely declined.

Potentialise helped us to reformat our standard bid documentation to make them more bespoke, client friendly and to reflect the needs and expectations of the client. This included redrafting the teams’ contributions and highlighting areas of added value to produce a more appealing document.

Director, building services contractor