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I would like to pass on my thanks to you for the recent two training sessions presented to Speller Metcalfe, one on “Persuasive presentations” and the other on “Writing winning tenders.” As a representative view of all those attended the two presentations, I can say that we all found both very informative and useful, with the sessions giving us a different viewpoint on how we could enhance our presentation techniques. I think the way in which your presentation incorporated anecdotal stories and being backed by a comprehensive set of notes enhanced the enjoyment of the session. We found the role play activities particularly useful. I can confirm that we would recommend you Basil to anyone wishing to enhance their presentation techniques and improve their approach to creating winning tenders and proposals

Andy Metcalfe, Director, Speller Metcalfe Gloucester Ltd

Harness your marketing to support your strategy for growth

Marketing is a very valuable function if it is harnessed to support the overall strategy of the business and used to assist the sales and business development process. All too often a business will separate the marketing function from the job winning task and thereby weaken the firms overall effectiveness. As part of our initial audit process we are able to take a fresh view of the current activities and recommend where, and how, the two functions can work closer together for the overall benefit of the business.

Marketing toolkit

We specialise in developing a marketing toolkit. This provides the business development team with a range of information in different formats to enhance their chances in securing profitable work from potential clients as well as repeat work.

The main objective is to win profitable business. Therefore all marketing communications need to be:

  • Focused to the needs of the target client, addressing the key issues and highlighting client benefits  to encourage them to select your business
  • In the appropriate language to attract the clients interest, easy to read and understand.
  • Delivering the desired message and creating differentiation between your business and that of your competitors

With these points in mind we are able to develop the content, format and visual appeal of:

  • Marketing literature
  • Sector reports, case studies and project sheets
  • Internets, extranets and intranets
  • Presentations (pitching and at conferences)
  • Proposals
  • Exhibition stands
  • Press releases
  • Technical copy for articles

We cover the whole marketing mix and, in addition to the above, we are able to advise on media coverage, advertising, and PR.

Our potential and existing clients have been very complimentary about our new web site and marketing literature.

Stephen Newman, Director, Allbritain-Barefoot Ltd

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for your insightful presentation which was greatly received by the Paralegals and Trainees.”

Emily Hardaker, Harrison Clark LLP