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“Creating Winning Bids” by Basil Sawczuk

This practical book on selling and marketing will help architects, engineers, project managers, facilities managers, surveyors, and contractors ‘sell’ themselves to prospective clients.

'Creating Winning Bids' sets out the key stages in the production of a winning bid. Based on tried and tested methods, and using a simple step-by-step process, it will improve your chances of success in what can otherwise seem a daunting and complex process. Distilling the author’s experience of over 25 years of bidding in the public and private sectors, it is packed with practical tips about what your client really wants to see. Beginning with a concise look at how to find new opportunities for work, it examines the various types of bid that can be made and includes invaluable explanations of the jargon used in the bidding process – from OJEU to PQQs. The guide goes on to explore:
• all that you need to establish before the tender or pre-qualification process starts
• how to improve the chances of success through understanding your competitors and the client
• how to plan the process for bid preparation• the important "bid or no bid" decision process
• the seven ‘must-have’ elements of a winning bid document
• how to ensure you catch the client’s eye – including information in a relevant and creative manner.
Illustrated throughout with useful diagrams and checklists, and covering a range of procurement routes, this guide will help anyone from the sole practitioner to the large firm with a dedicated bidding team to create practical and perfectly-tailored winning bids.

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“Marketing & Selling Professional Services in Architecture & Construction” by Basil Sawczuk

This practical book on selling and marketing will help architects, engineers, project managers, facilities managers, surveyors, and contractors ‘sell’ themselves to prospective clients.

As clients become more sophisticated at both local and international level, and as competition in the construction industry increases, both contractors and consultants have to take a more professional approach to selling themselves. This is especially true for PFI bids where vast resources are committed to winning multi–million pound contracts.

Through a simple–to–follow process, illustrated with plenty of diagrams and checklists, Marketing & Selling Professional Services in Architecture & Construction sets out the seven key aspects of selling and marketing professional services. It is full of applicable ideas and examples and is well structured to enable readers to dip into the section relevant to their current needs.

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“Risk Avoidance for the Building Team” by Basil Sawczuk

Risk avoidance has to be addressed not only at the outset of any building project but throughout its lifespan and by all parties involved in the contract. This book covers each stage of the construction process in turn and examines potential problem areas from the point of view of each of the three main parties involved: employer, consultant and contractor.

By a thorough examination of each topic covered, using checklists, suggested agendas, briefing notes, risk assessment charts etc., the author has provided:

  • a practical guide on how to react to many difficult situations which arise
  • strong focus on risk avoidance techniques and how to apply them
  • a balanced approach, looking at problems from all sides to promote understanding of adversaries' viewpoints.

The sound advice presented will help avoid the risk of problems escalating and leading to litigation; in the cases that do end up at arbitration or in court, the book will familiarise the reader with the procedures involved in dispute resolution so that they can participate with confidence.

You can purchase "Risk Avoidance for the Building Team" from Amazon.co.uk

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This is a ‘must have’ book...

Chris Ashworth, reviewed for the Chartered Institute of Marketing Construction Industry Group

This book provides a structured approach to identifying and selecting clients, understanding their needs and expectation, aligning to their needs, pitching and winning business. It provides practical steps that are proven and successfully used by its author for over 25 years.

David Jennings, Founder of the Movers & Shakers Property Networking Club