A marketing & business development consultancy


The development of a strategy and implementation plan

We are able to assist in putting in place, or revising the existing, strategy. This will determine how the business tends to deliver its goals and objectives outlined in the business and marketing plans. We are can do this by:

  • Preparing a marketing plan which meets the objectives of the existing business plan
  • If required review the current business plan in line with findings and recommendations of the initial review
  • Putting in place a strategy and an implementation plan to achieve the business and marketing plan objectives
  • Developing¬† a series of smart goals which can be regularly reviewed

Plan, implement, review

Once an implementation strategy has been put in place it is important to review the short and medium term results. This will help adjust the strategy, and its implementation, if the results fall short of the desired goals.

We found your approach to pipeline development most useful in formulating our strategy to proactively secure international projects.

Director, major global design consultancy